Crazy Man Hanging

Version recorded in the Promusica studios, Puebla de la Calzada, Badajoz (Spain) March 1997

Version recorded in the rehearsal studios, Badajoz (Spain) 2003

Crazy Man Hanging

Music & Lyrics: Felipe Juan Delgado-Valhondo Oncíns

Like a crazy man hanging

From the branch of a tree

I feel the pressure of your rope

Hanging on me

I can't feel my legs

My eyes cannot see

It seems you don't even want to be remembering me

Then you take away

The rope from my head

I can hear you laughing

But my body is dead

Thrown into a hole

An old man cracking his face

You dedicate me a song

Don't hide your tears


I've survived the life of being

One of your few

I'm even singing in tune

Since I was one of your few

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